If you are a member of the Volunteer Reserve or Cadet Forces of the UK, and your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to provide financial support.

Annual Review 2018

To read or download our 2018 Annual Review, please click the image below

Recent Tweets

I think this is my favourite flag photo so far. Taken during Ex: Alpine Rock 2019 in Bavaria by Sunbury & Walton Sea Cadets. If you'd like us to support your next expedition click https://t.co/NuTuStSo6w #ulyssesflag #seacadets @SeaCadetsUK

The first of four prestigious #powexpedtionawards was presented by HM Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, Mr David Laing at a special dinner in Northampton last week. The winner of the University Officers' Training Corps Category was @EastMidlandsUAS https://t.co/75hfOxiFaX

Congratulations to @EastMidlandsUAS who will be presented with a Prince of Wales's Expeditionary Award tomorrow at an @east_mids_rfca event in Northampton. The award is for their expedition into the Guyanese jungle. https://t.co/Y7ngC8uuz7

Our flag has been getting out and about this summer. Here it is in Bavaria with Sunbury & Walton Sea Cadets. If you'd us to support your next expedition click https://t.co/NuTuStSo6w #ulyssesflag #seacadets @SeaCadetsUK

Stunning Views from the Dolomites taken by @207hosp during Ex: Northern Dolomite Serpent 2019. You can read all about it and see more great photos at: https://t.co/UeQewbn1Kf

Some of the expeditions we support kindly pack one of our flags in the rucksacks. Over the next few months we'll showcase some of the photos taken with our flag in various parts of the world and here at home. Here's one taken in the Swiss Alps by @wmwaco

Did you know we post photos and reports from EVERY Cadet, Reservist and UOTC expedition we support? Rock climbing, diving, sailing and ice climbing are just a few of the activities recently undertaken. Visit our website for more https://t.co/PkxF2O5dF3

Final day trekking for @wmwaco @ComdtAC team in the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 good views on the trek. @UlyssesTrust @rafcharitable @WMRFCA @OCWMercianWing

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Expedition Videos

Here are a selection of expedition videos produced by Reservist, Cadet and UOTC units we have supported.

HRH The Prince of Wales, Our Patron

We are privileged to enjoy the Patronage of The Prince of Wales who is a keen advocate of expeditions and adventurous activities. This video was recorded for The Ulysses Trusts’ 25th Anniversary Reception at Lancaster House on Thursday 15th February 2018.


Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors Levison Wood and Tania Noakes are often out and about exploring the wilderness, climbing mountains and promoting the Ulysses Trust.

Find out what they are up to at the moment via clicking on their Instagram photos below.

Levison Wood

  • Great to chat with @emmabartpr at the @the_arts_club (graced by Charles Dickens no less) about all things writing, walking and the Middle East. Thanks to @tomrussellphoto
  • One of my favourite images from Iraqi Kurdistan. Taken high up on Mt. Halgurd in the Zagros mountains on the Iranian border back in 2011 when we were doing a bit of climbing. Having been escorted through a minefield by a local armed security guard we found ourselves knee deep in snow. Our guide was so cold because he forgot his sleeping bag that he started burning bits of his shoes to keep warm. After a few hours he’d had enough and decided to abandon us to our fate and did a runner. @bagpussphoto got this image as he buggered off down the mountain and we spent the night gibbering at minus 20. It was probably a fair shout. #photography #iraq #kurdistan
  • Kurdish girl, Rojava, 2014. Over the last decade I’ve spent a lot of time with the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. They are good people who do not deserve to be abandoned to Turkish aggression. Sorry to my Turkish followers on here but your government is conducting an unwarranted invasion and this needs to stop. #kurds #kurdistan #rojava #syria #iraq #turkey #photography
  • Chobe river, Botswana. Took this on a Leica SL from the air. The colours were spellbinding #photography #botswana #chobe

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Tania Noakes

  • Day 4: “Wild Canyons” from Genna Silana to Bacu su Orruargiu, 21km +1030m -1050m.
Exploring a new link up through quiet woodland and along shaded streams  to link old shepherd passages through cliff bands to a wild camp high up in the Supramonte... the dark night sky brimming with stars despite the lunar lighting. Not a bad way to spend one of our final nights together testing my challenging new Sardinian adventure... anyone who loved “Selvaggio Blu” this trip might be just what you need to get away and reconnect with nature again. ☺️💕
#wildnightsout #wildcanyons #nextadventure #reconnectwithnature #starfire #starlight #moonlitnights #timelessland #timewithfriends #naturaljourney #awayfromthemaddingcrowd #follownoone #leavenotrace #sardinianadventures
  • Day 3: “Wild Canyons” Sedda ar Baccus to Genna Silana, 14km +800m -600m.
We drop into the challenging and committing canyon of Riu Flumineddu which weaves elegantly north, flanked by sheer walls which keep you delightfully shaded as you negotiate a series of abseils and still-water pools in the hunt for the hidden exit to this canyon which just keeps on giving...
We escape into the late afternoon warmth and tranquility of Sa Juntura (the junction) and begin the descent of the famous Gorropu canyon... the upside of finishing late is that the canyon is totally empty of visitors and we can soak up the imposing magnitude of this place... one of the deepest canyons in Europe.
Finally on tired legs we start the climb towards the canyon rim and the pass of Genna Silana, our campsite for another magical night out under the stars.
There really is little that beats a day immersed in nature from dawn to dusk. Thank you to my strong crew of @bjorgselvag and @wildmanearl for sharing this challenging but beautiful day with me. 🙏🤗
#fulmineddu #gorropu #supramontedioliena #gennasilana #starrynight #wildcanyons #neverstopexploring #sardinian #sardinianadventure #canyonexploring #dawntilldusk #followtheguide #totalimmersion #taketheplunge #refreshyourself
  • Day2: “Wild Canyons” Lanaitho to Sedda ar Baccus, 22.5km +1240m -620m
An early start from Lanaitho valley to climb to Tiscali, the bronze-age cave settlement hidden in an incredible position overlooking the entire valley. Then onwards, deeper into this idyllic, timeless land... past old shepherds huts and my first Mouflon sighting at close quarters 😍
Soaking up the history and atmosphere of this incredible place with no other humans in sight for days. So easy to lose yourself and find yourself at the same time here... finally on weary legs we pass the two ancient Nuraghic towers and gain our perfect shepherd hut home for the night.
Proving for sure that terrain doesn’t need to be technical to be completely absorbing 💕
@bjorgselvag  @wildmanearl 
#wildcanyons #ancientpaths #tiscali #wildernessadventure #getawayfromitall #loseyourselfinthemoment #notanothersoul #soulland #unforgettable #thisisreallife
  • Day 1 of my new “Wild Canyons” journey... from Monte Maccione to Lanaitho valley via Badde Pentomas, 19.5km +600m -1100m.
Here scouting the way ahead down the slopes of Monte Corrasi into the heart of the Lanaitho valley. Always a pleasure to share adventures and bounce ideas off @bjorgselvag and thanks to @wildmanearl for the wild-life impressions and inspiring photography 😉
#amazingadventures #lanaithovalley #supramontedioliena #wildcanyon #wildcanyonadventures #seenoone #intothewilderness #getawayfromitall #testyourself #rediscovernature #reconnect #buildfriendships #qualitytime #timeoutdoors #livefree #liveyourdreams

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