Congratulations Ice Maidens – First All-Female Team To Cross Antarctica Using Muscle Power Alone

Unit: HAC, RAMC, 37 Sigs
Location: South Pole, Antarctica
Date: November 2017
Activities: Skiing, Trekking, Exploring,
The Ice Maiden Expedition has become the first all-female team to cross the Antarctica continent from coast-to-coast using muscle power alone. The Ulysses Trust is proud to have been a major sponsor for such a challenging and ambitious expedition. After spending 62 days on the ice, the six soldiers crossed the finish line at...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 64

Rest day Abisko Mountain Lodge. I sit on my rucksack and hang forward, glad to have the weight off my shoulders and be off my feet. I've been skiing so many hours these last days, almost without pause that it feels strange to stop... like the pulse of time itself...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 63

Alesjaurestugorna to Abisko. 35km 5 1/2hr. By the morning the weather had changed. I heard the wind pick-up through the night and had to hope it wouldn't reach the 20m/s predicted by the hut guardian. Thankfully it was barely half that, but as I set off across...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 62

Hukejaure to Allakasstugorna. 47km 9 1/2hrs. Last night I was the only guest at delightful, remote Hukejaure. Tired, but content the lovely couple who have managed the cabin for the last 20 years welcomed me with hot tea and homemade almond cakes. Under a cold, clear sky...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 61

Akkastugorna to Hukejaure. 52km 9 1/2hrs. Akkastugorna was the first manned mountain hut of my journey. I'm nearing Easter and cabins are officially opening. After three nights alone the handful of people at the cabin made it seem busy. My friend Håkon had told me that the...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 60

Arasluokta to Akkastugorna. 45km 9 1/2hrs. I didn't want to get up. The cabin was cold, minus 28C outside and no wood stove only an ineffective gas heater. But what to do... bad weather in four days and two hundred kilometres to Abisko. My legs felt wooden and I wasn't...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 59

Sorjoshytta to Arasluokta. 42km 9hrs. An immaculate dawn over the Sulitjelma peaks gave me a boost on my way today. I have five good days before the weather turns against me with snow and strong winds forecast. So my plan is five big days out in the wilderness to...

Cadet Snow Finn 18

Unit: 2nd Northern Ireland Bn ACF
Location: Bosnia Herzgovinia, Mount Jahorino Sarajevo
Date: February 2018
Activities: Skiing
Our journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina was an experience in itself. We arrived at Kinnegar late Friday evening and traveled through the night, driving to Dublin by coach, before flying via Munich and Vienna and then getting on a final flight to arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Next we made...

Dragon Venturer Canice 18

Unit: Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training
Location: Banff, Canada
Date: February 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
    Each day is a summation of the thoughts of the individual climbers (6 x male CFAVs) Canmore Junkyards - Grade 2 Single Pitch It’s hard to believe that we are in Canada standing below an icefall and our introduction to ice climbing.  I was intimidated about the levels of experience amongst the...

Dragon Venturer Canski 2018

Unit: Cadet Centre For Adventurous Training
Location: Banff, Canada
Date: February 2018
Activities: Skiing
The trip started with 10 strangers (8 x CFAVs (6 x male & 2 x female) and 2 x female Senior Cadets) meeting at Heathrow airport after traveling from all parts of the country.  Despite a few problems with the trains we checked in as a group on time and...

Western Winter 2018

Location: Scotland, Glencoe and Fort William
Date: February 2018
Activities: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing.
The expedition took place in the Western Highlands of Scotland between 4th and 10th February 2018 with the aim of providing opportunities for staff and cadets of the RAF Air cadets to develop their winter mountaineering experience. The expedition consisted of two groups - one who were focussed on undertaking...

Canford Norwegian Venturer Tiger 2018

Unit: Canford School CCF
Location: Norway (Hardangervidda)
Date: February 2018
Activities: Skiing
  Canford School CCF has been embarking for a number of years on a cross-country skiing expedition to Norway on what is described by all who go, as the toughest and the best trip the School offers. This year saw another twenty cadets, a fifth of our year 10s aged 14...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 57

Balvashytta to Sulitjelma. 25km 4hrs. This morning dawned clear of any lingering frustrations over yesterday's snow. A dusting of new snow gave the icy lake surface enough grip to enjoy the view of Saulo over the border in Sweden. A sociable breakfast with the boys and 9km across the...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 56

Lønstua to Balvashytta. 38km 10hrs. I knew today had the potential to be complicated, a lot of terrain to cover, and numerous hidden features hinted at by the contours on my 1:100 000 map. I started early across a small suspension bridge following the summer path towards a place...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 55

Bolnastua to Lønstua. 32km 6hrs. Today I crossed the Arctic circle! A wonderful feeling... a real milestone in this journey, and one that I wrote about in various articles before starting. Remarkably I cross it pretty much to the day that I estimated... I have now skied 1525km during 368hrs...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 54

Virvasshytta to Bolnastua. 24km 5 1/4hrs. Last night I saw the northern lights! 😍 The clouds had been blown fast away by sunset to leave a clear sky which inhaled all remaining warmth as the stars appeared one by one... The only upside I can see of an...

25th Anniversary Appeal Expedition: Day 52

Umbukta to Kvitsteindalstunet. 26km 8hrs. Wind; Tireless, tiring, unrelenting wind. I wake and I'm excited about the day ahead. I feel rested, and the quiet hunger that sits within me these days is silent, sated. I've heard wonderful things about the Rana cabins, and the next few weeks should...